Life Insurance You Can Trust

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Not you, not us, not anyone else on Earth.

That’s why we have insurance — to protect the very things we hold precious, including our lives and our wellbeing.

Life insurance is more than just something that’s “nice to have”. In today’s uncertain and costly world, it’s essential protection for the people who matter in your life.

But as well as something you’d perhaps rather not think about, when you do, it turns out life insurance is increasingly complex. The choices you can make and the variation in premiums can be bewildering!

In Greater Toronto, however, you can turn for the help you need to one of the longest-established and most reliable life insurance brokers in the region, Lyon & Butler.

With more than 100 years of service across Ontario, we have the specialist expertise you want to secure the protection you need — which can vary significantly depending on your life-stage.


We’ll Answer Your Questions

For example, with Lyon & Butler analysis expertise, we can help you answer questions like:

  • - How much insurance do I need? This is a complex calculation relating to factors like age, family status, etc. But it’s painless when you work with Lyon & Butler.
  • - What type of life insurance cover should I have? There are three main types:
    • * Term life to protect you for a specific number of years
    • * Whole life, which combines full-life insurance with investment
    • * Universal life, which is similar to whole life but with greater flexibility on investment decisions
  • - Which insurer meets my needs at the right price?
  • - What other types of personal well being insurance might I need?


Beyond Life Insurance

To answer that last question, the personal insurance experts at Lyon & Butler can walk you through a number of additional options related to your personal circumstances.

These might include:

  • - Mortgage insurance protection to secure payments on your home loan in the event of loss of income
  • - Disability insurance, also to replace lost income
  • - Critical illness insurance to cover both loss of income and additional expenses arising from treatment and care
  • - Individual medical, dental and vision plans


How You Benefit

Being an independent insurance broker means we are not tied to one particular insurer. We work with only the best, most reputable insurers in Canada and because we have relationships with them all, we can shop around to secure the best value premiums.

And because we’re independent and locally based, we’re very much part of the communities we serve. We take the time to analyse and understand your needs and to explain all of the issues that might affect you.

We won’t rush you. We won’t provide you with insurance you don’t need. And we’ll be here for you if you ever need to file a claim. Everyone’s needs are different.

We can also help you with other personal insurance needs and arrange payment plans. And we’ll keep in touch to ensure you’re properly protected as your needs change over time.


Why You Need to Act Now

There are just too many uncertainties in life to take risks with your own future.

You absolutely need life insurance and perhaps other types of protection. But you need an expert to walk you through the complexities and options.

You also need someone you can trust.

Lyon & Butler checks all the boxes. What is more, we offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation to review your needs.

That’s why you need to act now. Simply click on the button and we’ll be talking, answering your questions and putting you at ease in no time! Do it now.