How are we Compensated?


As an Insurance Brokerage, our income is made up of commissions that form a part of your insurance premiums.

Naturally it's OK to wonder if this means we will have conflicts of interest, as the larger the premium the more commission that is earned.

Lyon & Butler works for you though, we work hard to get you the very best deal available in the marketplace, with all the coverages you need for you home, auto or business policies. Insurance Brokers are Industry Regulated, and we are not allowed, and will not allow, commissions to be a consideration when binding a clients policy, it would be a violation of our core values.

Our job as your broker is to shop the marketplace, and negotiate your premiums with the Insurance Companies, while finding you the best available coverages and value. We want to earn you trust, and we work for you, not the Insurance Company. We want you to feel confident when placing your business through Lyon & Butler. If your happy, we're happy, it's that simple.

Having your trust and keeping our clients happy for the long term is important to us, and we hope that this will allow you to recommend us to family and friends with confidence.



Occasionally, Insurance Companies may offer promotions, rewards, or other incentives to the brokerage as a part of sales campaigns and ad hoc marketing. These incentives are in no way guaranteed, and will not interfere with the obligation we have to our clients. Lyon & Butler remains an independent, and will not be persuaded by additional incentives when making our decisions. Our Core Values and Industry Regulations mandate our clients best interests always comes first for each and every transaction.


Lyon & Butler Insurance Brokers Ltd. Is privately owned and no insurance company or financial institution has any ownership in the brokerage.