Rapid Response Ontario Surety and Contractor License Bonds

Time is money in any business; however when you’re a contractor, it can make the difference between winning, or missing out on crucial work.

That’s why contractors in Ontario rely on Lyon & Butler’s legendary Rapid Response service for the issuance of Surety Bonds or Contractor License Bonds to guarantee obligations to customers.

We’ve worked alongside the construction industry with a wide range of business services and we thoroughly understand the need for speed, accuracy and reputation in delivering surety bonds.

In-House Surety Bond Service

With our own in-house bond approval authority and power-of-attorney with all major bonding companies in the province, we cover the needs of Ontario contractors involved in most aspects of business including:

  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Transportation
  • Commercial
  • Civil engineering

With one of Ontario’s leading Broker Surety Departments, we can produce contract Surety Bonds for most types of contractor activity, such as Bid Bonds and Agreement Bonds, Performance, Labour and Material Payment Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, and Final bonds.

In the commercial surety field, we issue License and Permit Bonds, Customs and Excise Bonds, Fiduciary Bonds and more.

We also undertake issuance of E-bonds.

Beyond Surety Bonds

Surety/contractor license bonds are just part of the business and support service we provide for contract bidders.

When time is of the essence, we can also undertake swift contract analysis and review of financials, with the same high degree of expertise, responsiveness and reliability.

Why Lyon & Butler?

We understand the need for immediate service, and our Bonding Department has the experience and affiliations to provide the exceptional service that will make a difference to your business.

Our strong relationships with a number of leading surety companies provide us with the capability to issue bonds at attractive premiums directly from our office, and our team has the in-depth experience and the contacts to get right down to business.

Underpinning this service are decades of experience in working with Ontario businesses that also includes a huge range of contractor insurance plans.

With roots that go back more than 100 years, and continuous service as providers of contractor support services since 1931, we have an unparalleled track record and a reputation for reliability.

We’re Ready for You

Do you need a Surety Bond right now? If so, you can contact us within normal business hours and we’ll get to work like lightning.

However in the interests of a longer-term and even more efficient relationship, even if you don’t have an immediate need, we should be talking and getting to know each other.

That way, we’ll have all your details on file and an understanding of your specialist needs and priorities.

Why not get in touch for a preliminary discussion to learn more about our service and rates? Doing that now could save you even more precious time in the future — and increase your potential for business success!

We offer more than just a policy

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