Claims Made Easy

  Happy Canada Day!  We’ve got some great news to share! Lyon & Butler is now offering a new After Hours Claims Service. Meaning that should you have a claim on the weekend, or outside typical office hours (5pm – 8am) you can simply call our office to be redirected to 647-276-0009, our External Claims […]

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Life Finds a Way

Life Changes That Should Remind You to Review Your Life Insurance Policy   Reviewing your life insurance policy should be part of your overall financial plan. So when you sit down to check up on things such as your retirement and savings accounts, emergency fund, and even your family budget, it just makes sense to […]

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Aviva Exposes Auto-Body Shop Fraud

Aviva Canada, one of Lyon & Butlers many available Insurers, have worked hard to expose an Auto-Body Scam happening throughout Ontario. Rising Auto Premiums are a hot topic, and fighting fraud helps lead to a better insurance marketplace tomorrow. Through an investigation it was discovered that  some Auto Body shops across Ontario were deliberately damaging […]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning   Spring may be slow to start this year, but that just means more time to get going on spring cleaning, whether you’re cleaning your home, business, or maybe the backseat of your car (wherever that may have gone) we’ve compiled a few spring cleaning activities you may want to add to your […]

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New Year, New Look, New Technology!

New Year We wanted to take a moment to extend our deepest thanks to all our clients for another fantastic year. With the advent of a new year, we look forward to continuing to work with you, and help with all your insurance needs.   We are always striving to bring you better service, better […]

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Preparing for the Winter Cool Down

Canada is a beautiful country with many diverse weather conditions.  Right no in the cooler months, it’s great time to take a few moments to prep your home and property for the coming of winter.   Here are a few tips for Home Maintenance during the fall months: Check for Peeling Paint on your House […]

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Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

In our ever evolving world we find ourselves relying more and more on technology in our everyday lives. Whether managing your business’ client files, regulating inventory, or just partaking in a little indulgent online shopping, sensitive and private information is online, everywhere. How do you stay safe and secure though? What can you do to […]

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Water Damage Tips

  With the recent Ontario weather, water claims have been on the rise. More and more Canadians experience flooding due to heavy rainfalls. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your home safe from Water Damage. Check out these simple ways to protect your property and prevent your money from going down the drain. […]

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Top 6 RRSP Tips

With a New Year we are always presented with an opportunity to revisit our current financial position and determine our goals for the year ahead.  Retirement planning always seems to be one of the items that rises to the top of the list this time of year and where many Canadians try to take advantage […]

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