Let’s Get Digital


You asked; we listened. Lyon & Butler is taking the next step towards a greener, cleaner tomorrow, and will now be offering almost all our policies to you digitally.

This means when your Renewal is coming up, it will show up in your inbox, instead of mailbox, skipping the snail mail and putting it at your fingertips that much faster.  This will also include mid-term changes (such as buying a new vehicle), or if you purchase a new Policy. We are dedicated to helping you get your documents faster, and leaving you more time for the things you care about most.

The above being said, it’s you who calls the shots, so if you’d like to receive your Documents by mail still, please reply to this email and let us know.

In addition, please note that some Insurance companies still send out policies directly to you, so in some cases you may see your policy arrive by mail.

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