Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

In our ever evolving world we find ourselves relying more and more on technology in our everyday lives. Whether managing your business’ client files, regulating inventory, or just partaking in a little indulgent online shopping, sensitive and private information is online, everywhere.

How do you stay safe and secure though? What can you do to protect yourself, or your business? We’ve outlined a few helpful tips to help you stay secure.


o Establish strong passwords. We hear this all the time but it’s true! A Strong password can help protect you from online threats, and keep your data safer, be it accessing your business’ system, or shopping online. Avoid using personal information, use symbols, capitals and numbers to strengthen your password.
• Worried you’ll forget all those crazy passwords? Most smartphones offer an application that you can store your passwords in safe and securely. Just in case you forget it, it’s always available.

o Put up a firewall, firewalls control the flow of traffic coming into, as well as flowing out of your home or business.

o Use anti-virus and anti-malware software. A bad virus can stop a business cold, good software can catch and eliminate the threat before you even know there was one.

o Keep software updated. Updates can be annoying sometimes, but they keep you protected from the latest threats, by allowing the software to be better fortified against anything the internet can throw at you.

o Secure your laptops, encryption software is easy to use, and make it so without the right password, your information can’t be read.

o Secure Mobile Devices, such as phones and tablets. You can get encryption software, password protect them, and set up remote wiping. If you lose your phone full of contacts and sensitive data, you can have all of that wiped clean, meaning peace of mind for you, or your customers, and your business.

o Back-up your systems. Whether you have a server in the room next to you, or your info on a Cloud, make sure to always have a secure back-up of your data. If you have a fire and your sever is destroyed, you will have access to a backup server, and be able to quickly get your yourself back on its feet.

o Be vigilant when surfing the web, or Instant Messaging. If it looks suspicious, don’t click it. Only use trusted sites with good reviews and established brands.


Still Don’t feel Secure Enough?

Cyber Insurance, did you know that’s a thing? Cyber Insurance helps your business recover in the event of a cyber-attack, as well as from ransomware, E-Vandalism Privacy Breaches and more. Many Insurance Companies now offer this coverage, and it can be purchased stand alone, or with some companies, added on to your current Commercial Policy. This helps protect you and your contacts sensitive data.

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